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Get to Know Carolina Coast Behavioral Services 



Providing high-quality ABA services for over 15 years

Carolina Coast Behavioral Services (CCBS) is a South Carolina LLC started by Shannon S. Doughty PhD, BCBA-D (doctorate-level board certified behavior analyst), in 2005. Our mission is to serve children, adolescents, and families with the best possible care with a focus on ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy. We strive to use evidence-based practices and help children to reach their fullest potential by gaining practical life and communicative skills and developing and extending healthy social relationships as a result.

About Us


We provide ABA services in-home, in-clinic, and in-school across the lowcountry. Including...

  • ​Teaching language, social, self-help, academic, imitation, and other important skills to children with developmental deficits due to autism spectrum disorders or other related developmental disabilities.

  • Using ABA methods to decrease problem behavior (both more “minor” and more severe) and teach adaptive replacement behaviors.

  • Generalizing learned skills to social and school environments.

  • Providing behavioral recommendations to the family regarding general behavior or specific goals (e.g., toilet training).

  • Training and supervision of ABA therapists.

  • Family, teacher, staff, and other support system training.

  • Regular team meetings (the family is welcome and encouraged to attend).

  • Extensive data collection and analysis in order to monitor ongoing success.

  • Follow-ups, re-evaluation, and program modifications to further monitor and ensure success.

  • School meetings, trainings, or other support

  • Program audits

  • Click for a resource from Autism Speaks on "Getting Started with ABA: Asking the Right Questions"

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