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Currently Hiring RBTs!

Please email
for more information

*Also ask about our benefits package!!

CCBS was without a doubt one of the most enjoyable

and rewarding companies I've ever worked for.

- RBT, 2015

About being an RBT

This is a GREAT experience for those going into: (applied) behavior analysis, psychology, special ed, disability advocacy/law, therapy/counseling, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc. We also have unpaid internships (but for all other purposes herein you will be referred to as "RBTs" and have the same requirements minus the year commitment). RBTs need to have some reliable form of transportation and be willing to drive in and around Charleston (no more than approximately 20-40 minutes from downtown including but not limited to Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, James Island, Daniel Island, N Charleston, Summerville). You also can choose to work as few as 12 hours weekly and as many as 40, but we would need you to be able to commit for one calendar year for the sake of the consistency of therapy.



Training is 55 hours of (unpaid) orientation and supervision and would be need to be completed within 45 days (preferably 30). This is 40 hours of an online class at your pace plus 15 hours onsite with a client plus a brief orientation to the company in about an hour meeting. 


Smartphone, email, and texting a must!

Communication via email and text frequently and reliability at work is essential for the children and the consistency of their programs. You must be willing to respond to emails within 24 hours and brief texts within 4 hours hopefully sooner, unless you have given notice of unavailability.


Job potential

There is opportunity for growth within the company with as little as 500 hours employment completed! With each promotion, experience and pay increase. There is the opportunity to complete the coursework and acquire the experience for board certification in behavior analysis in this company! (Registered Behavior Technician, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, Board Certified Behavior Analyst).


Details, details

This is an excellent opportunity for psych or related majors to gain hands-on, clinical experience. Applied Behavior Analysis is one of the best areas in psychology I think for students to have real-life independent clinical responsibilities with kids. We are pleased to be the only company in South Carolina with two Ph.D. level behavior analysts training therapists and working with clients. we give really good training and good experience for CofC students one day planning on going on to grad school...or continuing in ABA with professional certification! I have been able to both keep therapists long-term and write good letters of reference for those who move on. There are a lot of options! We need very dedicated, passionate students interested in learning and will be very dependable due to the importance of consistency among the kids. We run on the CCSD, not CofC schedule, so consider also whether you can part with some of your CofC breaks as you will need to apply for approval to miss your sessions and all college students want this and not all will get it. This would mean a shortened holiday break, possibly working during fall or spring break, and working through the end of May, not the end of April or beginning of May, when your school ends.

In working for CCBS, I earned irreplaceable skills and really was able to boost my [graduate school] application. CCBS often appeals to psychology students looking to get their foot in the door in the field of psychology with the opportunity to build and grow within the company.  However, I was a Kinesiology major in school so I know that becoming a Registered Behavioral Technician could be a desirable job for students with many different majors whether it be for job experience, a resume boost or desire to become a Behavior Analyst like Dr. Doughty and some of the other staff members. I highly recommend this opportunity for other [others] as I have been able to grow, learn and  work with unbelievable children with special needs.  This opportunity has led me to pursue a [new] career path.

- RBT, 2015

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